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Architects and design consultants

insideEDGE works with a range of landscape, building and sports facility architects, design consultants and cost planners who add value to our feasibility and master planning projects through the development of site and concept plans, building layouts and landscape designs, and through the preparation of detailed project cost estimations.

Aquatic, leisure and management consultants

insideEDGE regularly partners with industry consultants on major projects where additional technical expertise is required. Our network of associates includes specialists in the aquatic, health and fitness industry, financial advisors and community consultation and market research consultants.

Geographic Information System (GIS) consultants

insideEDGE works on many projects that include the use of GIS analysis to undertake detailed market and catchment analysis, model demographic profiles and prepare facility location and distribution maps. We work with an experienced freelance GIS specialist and data analyst (NGIS) who has extensive experience in both private and government sectors, and in various fields including asset and environmental management.

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Asset management planning

insideEDGE provides strategic facility planning, supply analysis and site specific auditing functions for our sport and government clients. In conjunction with our IT solutions partners Integrated Monitoring Systems (IMS), our team has developed a sports facility asset auditing and management tool for use by all levels of Government and sporting organisations. Through the use of tablet and database technology we can provide custom built and integrated asset management, data collection and compliance auditing systems for all of our clients and facility projects.

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