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G21 Sports Development Plan

The Hon. Minister for Sport and Recreation, Hugh Delahunty has recently announced funding for the G21 Sports and Recreation Pillar to review and update the Region’s Sports Development Plan which was prepared in 2006. The funding has been provided through the State Government’s Country Action Grant Scheme and the project will be managed by Leisure Networks.

insideEDGE will undertake the review in conjunction with Sport and Recreation Pillar partners, including G21 Alliance, Leisure Networks, State and Local Government, more than 20 State Sporting Organisations and representatives of the community, health and education sectors that are active across the Region.

The review will include a status of key actions and achievements for the Region since 2006, reflection on historical and future trends influencing sport and a detailed review of current sport, recreation and physical activity likely to influence the planning, delivery and resourcing of sport in the future.  Consultation will focus at the regional and state level and seek to identify the critical factors in turning strategies into practical, actionable initiatives on the ground. The review will also consider the recently developed Armstrong Creek Sports Development Plan and its research and recommendations in order to provide integrated strategies for supporting sport in both well established and new growth areas across the G21 Region.

Follow the project via the G21 Sport and Recreation Pillar website at

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