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insideEDGE goes digital with its sports facility auditor software

insideEDGE's Sports Facility Auditor (SFA) product is being piloted by AFL Victoria to audit 60 football facilities across the Western Metropolitan region of Melbourne.

The pilot is part of a software trail for sporting asset compliance and information gathering, with results being used as the basis for the Western Metropolitan Region Football Facilities Strategy.

A successful pilot will mean a role out of facility inspections across the 1100 football facilities in Victoria, creating the most comprehensive database and up-to-date facility provision, location, compliance and condition information ever compiled in sport in Australia.

SFA has already been used by Hockey Victoria across 70 venues and tennis has collected data on 170 venues in Vic, ACT and NT, with broader national data collection in 2015.

Cricket Australia is also piloting SFA across three regions in NSW and Victoria. The system is being trialled in advance of Cricket Australia's National Facilities audit where data on the country's estimated 8000 cricket venues will be collected over the next two years.

The initial pilot with gather infield data from more than 250 sites in a coordinated effort between Cricket Australia, State cricket bodies, clubs and local Councils.

The custom built software is the brain child of insideEDGE Sport and Leisure planning who have for years been faced with conducting asset audits with pen and paper with no collective database to house, analyse and report from. The SFA system is supported by innovative technology partners IMS - Integrated Monitoring Systems.

The difference between SFA and other asset auditing systems is that SFA is custom built to meet each sport specific facility requirements, compliance conditions and relevant standards.

While the look, feel and function is the same for all sports, the data collection and reporting is customised to meet individual sport needs, providing a unique outcome and system for each. It's what sport needs, not another generic off the shelf product that requires manual workaround to meet sports unique circumstances.

The fundamental difference between this and previous data collection methods for sport infrastructure, is it is primary data, collected by sport on site. It's not a self-assessment conducted by government, asset owners or clubs, which in the past have proven to be biased and inconsistent in their data gathering.

The need for current and accurate data is essential when major planning, investment and development decisions are being made, where decisions need to be driven by priorities that benefit the sport as a whole above any individual club or facility.

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