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insideEDGE is excited to be working with Cricket Australia and State and Territory Associations on the development of Cricket Facility Guidelines to be applied across Australia.

The project will provide a one-stop-online-shop to the cricket community and local government to inform and guide the planning, development, management and maintenance of community cricket facilities and infrastructure.

Led by Michael Bodman, the insideEDGE team will engage with the national cricket community, other peak sporting bodies and all levels of government to identify key elements of facility projects that 'make them successful' and identify existing best practice models for cricket and for shared use.

The project will deliver a consolidated series of online materials that presents all facility planning and development information and supporting resources into a central Cricket Australia branded online resource centre for free access to the national cricket community.

It will also provide strategic direction and support to State/Territory Cricket Associations to develop state and local projects and enhance local stakeholder engagement.


insideEDGE Director, Michael Bodman talks community cricket facility guidelines with Crocmedia.

Click on the play button on the audio file below to listen to the full interview with Crocmedia.


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