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Geelong Canoe Club secures funding

Minister for Sport and Recreation, Hugh Delahunty recently announced funding to support upgrades to the Geelong Regional Paddle Sport Centre. Funding has been secured by the Geelong Canoe Club through the 2014/15 Community Facility Funding Program.

Key to funding provision, was the development of the Geelong Canoe Club Strategic Plan, facilitated by insideEDGE. The Plan outlines the Geelong Canoe Club’s priorities for paddle sports in Geelong over the next ten years.

The Geelong Canoe Club Executive provided the following information outlining insideEDGE’s role in the development of the Geelong Canoe Club Strategic Plan.

The Geelong Canoe Club Strategic Plan sets in place a guide for the future development and growth goals ensuring the long term viability of the Geelong Canoe Club and paddle sports throughout the Geelong Region.

The plan was facilitated by insideEDGE, recreation and leisure consultants who inspired the executive to think beyond the day to day management of the club and assisted in the establishment of aspirational and innovative goals. The methodology and dedication of the consultants re-focused the group and brought a spirit of commitment and camaraderie.

The planning undertaken by insideEDGE assisted the Club to secure over $430,000 towards the facility improvements with contributions from Corangamite Catchment Management Authority, Sports and Recreation Victoria and Local Government.

The approach by insideEDGE involved the engagement of all members and as a consequence the plan is owned by each member within the club. In addition, and importantly, the plan was developed in consultation with local, state and national paddle sports organisations making the request for funding and support easy.

The plan highlights key focus areas for the Executive Committee to address in a changing paddle sports landscape, including facility development and utilisation, infrastructure provision, good governance and management, programming and activity demand, managing resources and financial stability and the position of the club within a regional, state and national context.

The club owes a great deal to the team at insideEDGE for making the process easy and assisting with the long term viability of our club.

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