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insideEDGE and our people have a history of delivering successful projects. Our no surprises approach to consulting of providing the right answers to the right questions is central to our success.

We have worked with some of the world's leading sporting and community sector organisations and have been involved in the delivery of some of Australia's most significant sporting industry development projects.

insideEDGE delivers its projects via an in-house team of specialist sport and recreation planners, business consultants and data analysts. We also have an extensive range of associates and consulting partners to draw on, including project managers, landscape architects and designers, building architects, cost planners, engineers, financial planners, GIS mapping consultants, consultation specialists and aquatic, health and fitness consultants.

We are committed to the development of the Australian sporting sector and we deliver projects of all sizes for local and state governments, regional councils, state and national governing bodies of sport, associations and leagues, local clubs and schools.

Our people are individually committed to healthy active lifestyles and regularly participate in sport and recreation activities as participants, coaches and administrators.

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